Detroit Federal Criminal Charges Attorney

Detroit Federal Criminal Charges Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Kevin Bessant & Associates understands the importance of superior criminal representation if you have been charged in federal court. Detroit Federal Criminal Charges Attorney Kevin Bessant is prepared to provide aggressive and creative criminal defense methods on your behalf and fight for your reputation, livelihood and freedom. If you are under investigation or indicted on a federal charge, call Kevin Bessant immediately for a free consultation or online consultation. 313-658-8159. The Law Office of Kevin Bessant & Associates can help you defend your case agains the Federal Government!!


Federal cases can be highly complex, and are investigated and prosecuted by powerful government agencies and U.S. attorneys. Federal prosecutors have a tremendous amount of power and a large percentage of federal cases end up with a conviction.
This is not a time to trust your fate to an inexperienced lawyer, as your future will fully depend on the outcome of your case. Criminal Attorney’s at the Law Office of Kevin Bessant & Associates have the experience you will need to succeed in the defense of your federal charges. If you have been charged or even convicted of a federal offense, contact Kevin Bessant for a free case evaluation and consultation.


Detroit Federal Criminal Charges Attorney Kevin Bessant Has The Experience You Need To Fight Against Your Federal Charges


Unlike state prosecutions, the federal government is much more methodical in their accumulation of evidence needed to convict you. Furthermore, a federal conviction will likely carry prison time and the conviction in most cases will not be expunged from your record. With a vast source of government resources in which to build their case against you, you cannot afford to wait and do nothing if you have been indicted or under Federal investigation. Do not delay in retaining the services of the Law Office of Kevin Bessant & Associates to immediately begin working on your case and evaluating the evidence against you.


Federal Crimes are governed under the United States Criminal code, and can include the following crimes:

  • Tax evasion and Tax Fraud                  Anti-trust violations
  • Drug trafficking                                   Child pornography
  • Bank robbery                                      Import and export crimes
  • Federal Health Care Fraud                  Counterfeiting
  • Kidnapping/abductions                       Computer & Internet crimes
  • Mail Fraud                                           Racketeering (RICO)
  • Terrorism, bombings, arson


Kevin Bessant understands the anxiety, worry, and fear that comes with a federal indictment or investigation.  If you live in Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, Monroe County, Livingston County, or Washtenaw County, and you have been charged with a Federal Crime, please call the Law Office of Kevin Bessant & Associates immediately to discuss your case so Kevin Bessant can analyze your case and help you avoid a federal conviction.