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At the Law Office of Kevin Bessant & Associates, we have been very fortunate over the year’s to successfully serve hundreds of clients who were gracious enough to leave their own personal success stories with our firm as we were truly grateful to serve each of them!


tiana Beavers

a week ago

Kevin Bessant, is a very smart lawyer from the first conversation i knew he was the one. Hey did very well defending my son he turned my son capital felony into basically probation. My 18yr old son was facing major time, now he has a second chance at freedom because of Mr. Bessant he was money well spent.

Mr.Bessant is very qualified and experienced and capable to represent whoever is in need of an excellent lawyer you can trust.


Shawn Smirnis
a week ago-
Kevin is exactly as advertised. I used these exact reviews’ in order to decide if I was going to obtain his services or not. Kevin, is very professional and easily accessible. He was able to have my matter resolved quickly and was able to alleviate a lot of the stress I had due to my infraction. I would definitely recommend him to everyone!

Thanks Kevin.


Paul Dettloff
a week ago-
Helped me with my issue in a timely manner. I wish I would have used his services years ago then maybe things would have worked out differently. Either way glad he was able to help me. Would definitely recommend to everyone.


Kaliyah Bridgeman
2 months ago
No one ever wants to obtain an attorney or go before a judge, but choosing attorney Bessant is the best choice. He is professional, punctual, friendly and goes above and beyond. Attorney Bessant explained everything in detail, what happens if everything goes according to plan as well as the possible bumps. A process that could have taken six months was 2 1/2. This is because everything he said he would do he did in a timely manner. My advice to anyone looking for an attorney choose Attorney Bessant.

Valencia Sanders


Patrick N
5 months ago-
I cannot say enough about how great of an experience I had working with Attorney Kevin Bessant. His attention to detail, professionalism and his willingness to fight for his Clients is second to none. I am an Oakland County resident and was cited for 2 misdemeanor traffic offenses in addition to a separate civil offense. Kevin and I met to review the details of the charges and he educated me on the best case and worst case scenarios early in the process. He assured me that we would work hard to get the best possible outcome and that’s exactly what happened as the 2 misdemeanors were removed and the Civil offense was the only charge that I plead guilty to. The great thing about Kevin is that we was able to keep me calm throughout the entire process since I’ve never been in a position like this before. He always responded promptly to phone calls, emails and texts and showed up in court extremely prepared and fought hard on my behalf. I would recommend Attorney Kevin Bessant to anyone that’s currently facing legal issues and I can assure you that your experience will be the same as mine since Kevin treats every client like they are his only client. THANK YOU Kevin and keep up the great work!


Lunden Ivory
4 months ago
I truly appreciate the great work you did for me Mr. Bessant you truly are a great attorney. I never had one worry since the first time we met and a month later my case was dismissed. I highly recommend you to anyone in need of a great lawyer with a reasonable price. You truly went above and beyond thank you again and god bless.


John Barnowsky
3 months ago-
Kevin is an awesome lawyer. He did a great job at alleviating the stress and anxiety associated with being charged with an infraction. He gives solid, realistic legal advice, and drives to resolve your matter to a favorable outcome. With his counsel we were able to rightfully achieve a dismissal and reduction of two traffic offenses. If you have been accused of a traffic violation I strongly recommend giving him a call before considering any other options. You will feel much better about your case and situation afterwards.


Melissa Ilievski
8 months ago
Hey Kevin,

You know i got your back. I thank you so much for all you have done and for putting up with my craziness. We consider you a part of the family, even though we are crazy. Lol! I know how stressful and pressured it is with everybody trying to ask you questions and phone ringing all night long. I truly appreciate you being patient with me. I respect you for taking on this case especially with the toughest Judge. You gave it your all and stayed on top with everything that they threw our way. You fought to the end and the outcome would have took a wrong turn. So , i am grateful for the outcome. Yes, we were hoping for a dismissal but, i realized that it didn’t matter what we proved or not. They showed and shed light on what type of people we were up against. I kept my composer till i got close to home. I then broke down as i thought what had happened and to see a court room filled of one race. This isn’t sitting well with me. I almost started to throw up. I am going to create a organization against racism. I finally seen for myself what it feels like to be bullied and people of a certain color or race treated with racism. I am going to fight till the end. I hope people will wake up to why people end up getting killed or turning them into criminals.

I would like for you to be involved in this organization. I would also like to extend a invitation to you and your wife for dinner at the Rattlesnake Club. Please get back to me.


Rene’e Collins
7 months ago
Mr. Bessant exceeded my expectations. He didn’t want to get my hopes up to high with the serious situation my son was in, but he was able to get the case dismissed, saved us alot of money. Very professional and very reasonable in his fees. Well worth every penny. If I ever need an attorney again I won’t hesitate to call him and also recommend his firm. I’m very very happy. I can’t thank him enough!


Andrew Branham
2 months ago
I highly recommend Kevin Bessant to anyone who is looking for a reliable attorney who will follow through with his word and do everything in his power to help you out.


Samiron Isho
4 months ago-
Best lawyer in Michigan! Kevin Bessant did wonders for my client. We had a court date for an OTE charge, if I chose any other lawyer my clint would have probably been thrown in jail for 45 days and or had probation and community service. But by choosing Kevin Bessant the unthinkable happened, he removed the 12-month probation as well as community service as well as jail time. No other lawyer could have done this other than Kevin Bessant, He went above and beyond by talking to prosecutors and to the judge explaining my clients story and moved the judge to drop it to a disorderly conduct. We thank you Kevin and will be using your outstanding services for any further problems.


Carl Swanson
5 months ago-
Mr. Bessant did a perfect job. Two other attorneys had to drop my case because of the complexity. Mr. Bessant got me all the results I needed. The expungement was granted.


Craig Daniels
5 months ago
Kevin helped my situation a 100 percent I’m truly grateful he also gave me advice on the courts ways of thinking I highly recommend him 👍🏾


Roz Lockness
9 months ago-
Absolutely the best experience I have ever had with an Atty. This man helped me get my life back!I was looking at 2 to 5 and ended up misd. probation.Not only does Mr.Bessant know law and the system,he breaks every move down in simple terms.Kevin also replied to every phone call,text,email and question in less time than any atty. I’ve ever dealt with.I could go on and on but you get the idea.


Abbas Asghar Ginai
2 months ago-
He was great help… thankyou!!!!


a year ago-
My experience with the Law Office of Kevin Bessant was definitely the best choice I ever made. Mr. Bessant is Very, knowledgeable, dependable and communicates effectively.He’s definitely a great defense attorney. Thank you for being there for us when we needed you most! My family and I would definitely recommend your firm. Sincerely, Roderick Jenkins and Family of Honolulu, Hawaii (August 4, 2015)


Josh M.
2 months ago-
I had felony charges that Kevin Bessant got dropped to a misdemeanor.


Stephen Blackburn
3 months ago-
Great attorney very educated very professional


Craig Brockie
a year ago-
Kevin is the top criminal defense lawyer in Detroit on Google for good reason. He is a competent professional who gets results for his clients. I highly recommend his services.


George Corser
3 years ago-
I hired Kevin Bessant and I’m glad I did. Mr Bessant is the most organized and conscientious attorney I have ever seen (in real life, not counting on TV). When he appeared in court he was deliberate and well prepared, while other lawyers and even the judge were hesitant and scrambling for their paperwork. The best part: Mr Bessant prepared me to be ready, too. He requested paperwork from me and reminded me when I was late. Everything he told me would happen happened. Everything he told me not to worry about never happened. When I worried something would go wrong, he was cool and confident. Clearly he understood the law and legal procedure and he was able to accomplish his tasks efficiently and very effectively. I hope I never have to hire an attorney again, but if I do, I will call Kevin Bessant.


Extremely Glad I Found Attorney Bessant!!!!
5.0 stars
Posted by Mark
August 27, 2016
I was charged with a very serious felony that would have not only landed me in prison for sure, but would have ended with me getting fired from my job. I found Mr. Bessant online and immediately after speaking with him he eased my fears and gained my trust. In short, my case was not only dismissed, but he fought tooth and nail with the prosecutors in court which helped to get these charges dropped. Im glad I found him and his fees were affordable. Thanks again Attorney and I will be certain to refer you to all my family and friends!!!


5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
August 6, 2015
I was terrified about the charges (alcohol) I was facing and after my initial conversation with Mr. Bessant my mind was immediatley put at ease. Mr. Bessant met with the prosecutor and negiotiated to have 1 of the charges dismissed and the remaiming 2 to misdemeanours that wouldn’t effect my record. Mr. Bessant is super smart, very professional and I highly recommend all to retain his legal services when facing criminal charges.


Attorney Kevin Bessant is the best criminal attorney in Michigan
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
June 22, 2015
I’m here to thank you attorney Kevin Bessant. I got a solicitation charge in Detroit few months ago. The type of this violation may sentence me up to 90 days of imprisonment and impose a $500 fine. One of the best decision I made was called Mr Bessant. He met me personally and gave me free consultation and explained to me step by step. He was very professional and was communicating frequently with the status of my case. With his hard work and dedication for few months, my charges dropped down to few hrs community work and one year probation. If anyone need attorney help , don’t hesitate call attorney Kevin Bessant . I would recommend him to everyone that I know.


The Tenacity To Win
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
June 10, 2015
I contacted Kevin Bessant for help in regards to having a felony conviction set aside. After discovering there was an arrest record still showing up on my record for another incident that was dismissed, Mr. Bessant suggested having that arrest record destroyed along with having the felony conviction set aside. He assured me that it was very likely both would be possible and they were. He showed a deep understanding of the provisions that have recently changed and argued my case at the hearings and won. Mr. Bessant created strong arguments and produced the facts for the Judges who agreed and passed the motions. Now, I have a second chance to begin a career without being prejudiced for mistakes made almost ten years ago all in part to his professionalism and capability in the courtroom. He was persuasive, non-argumentative, and helped to create legal precedent for cases in the future. Also, Mr. Bessant’s fees are very reasonable and he was up front from the beginning about the cost. He avoids using the ambiguity that many lawyers use to make as much money as possible and achieved the results he could almost guarantee from the beginning. If you are considering having a conviction set aside you should check out his informative website and choose him to protect you from being misrepresented. I am so thankful I retained his services. Thank you so much Mr. Bessant for your hard work and honesty. You have made a difference for so many of us.


Excellent Choice for an Attorney!
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
April 2, 2015
We contacted Kevin Bessant to help close out an old outstanding probation case. We did not live in Michigan anymore and didn’t know an attorney there. After searching online, we came across Kevin’s website and gave him a call. He responded to our call immediately and consulted with us prior to us hiring him. He was extremely knowledgable and promptly returned calls and emails, and reassured us every step of the way through our case, which was resolved quickly. We made an excellent choice in hiring Kevin and would highly recommend him!


Best possible choice for criminal defense.
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
February 15, 2015
In what could have been an open and shut case against me by the prosecution Kevin Bessant was the best decision i made. I was facing felony drug and misdemeanor drug possession charges. Kevin was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the felony charge if i plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge. He was also successful in getting the judge to sentence me immediately so the process was not dragged out, and cost me more time missed from work. He was able to convince the judge for a light and fair sentence of 12 months probation, with a possibility of having it dropped to six months. Kevin worked with me on making payments and took my case with paying him only a fraction of his retainer fee upfront. He returned my phone calls almost immediately even before i had him retained. He talked me through each step and kept me informed through the entire process. He made me feel and my family that the best case scenario would be the result and he proved that to be true. If you need a criminal defense lawyer, i wouldn’t look any further than Kevin Bessant. Thank you Kevin Bessant!


Highly recommended
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
January 28, 2015
Mr. Bessant listen to my issues and informed me of what I was facing prior to hiring him. After retaining Mr. Bassant he continued to be informative each step of the way. He made me and my family feel confident and relaxed in his abilities and the process ahead. My case was dimissed and all charges were droped. I highly recommend Mr. Bassant. Thank you sir.


Exceptional Attorney
5.0 stars
Posted by Sarah
December 3, 2014
Couldn’t of asked or a better attorney. He worked on a felony fraud case for my fiance. He worked with the prosecutor and got the sentence drastically dropped down and one charge completely dismissed. My fiance got a 90 day program when he was facing years. He was extremely knowledgeable and kept me in the loop the whole time. He returned calls and texts immediately. He was confident about what he did and most importantly held my confidence through the whole process. His rates are extremely reasonable for the work that he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal help.


Kevin bessant is a excellent lawyer
5.0 stars
Posted by Arnold
November 3, 2014
Kevin bessant is one of the greatest……very professional…very iformative…..did his job to the fullest…and I would recommend his to every one I know.that needs a goood…great lawyer.


Thanks for the help Mr. Bessant
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
October 24, 2014
I recently hired Mr. Bessant to handle a drug case for me he was sure he could get it dropped down and he did everything in his power to keep the felony off my record and he did. I will use him again if I ever have any legal issues.


5.0 stars
Posted by Paul
September 27, 2014
Kevin Bessant was extremely responsive and knowledgeable about my problem. E-mailed several times and each time, received a prompt reply with accurate instructions on what was needed. He is very easy to talk to, as he actually listens and when you talk. He installs confidence with his words. He is definitely a fantastic person to have on your side.


Great Attorney!!!!!
5.0 stars
Posted by Terry
September 17, 2014
One of the best decisions I’ve made to this date was to hire attorney Kevin Bessant. When I first contacted Mr. Bessant on the phone and explained my situation he was very thorough and forthright. After being on the phone for nearly 45 seconds explaining my case he then took about ten minutes to describe some of the things that could occur if I went into court without legal representation. It was not a scare tactic nor a tactic used to pump out his chest and say hire me. He wanted me to have all of the information that I needed before hiring an attorney or deciding to choose him. I spoke with other attorney’s who made my situation sound like doom and gloom and if I hired them I would have the best representation. I never felt comfortable with the others I spoke with so I decided to go with Kevin. Best decision I could have ever made. Kevin was there the entire process. When I called, emailed or text he would get back with me in a timely fashion and explain what was going on with my case. When it was time to go to court Mr. Bessant was able to work with the local prosecutor and get my case reduced to where it wouldn’t go on my record and I didn’t have to go to jail. During the process, Kevin was always very professional, knowledgeable and honest about what I was facing. He truly did a great job the entire way and now and I can go ahead and concentrate on my life and not worry about the legal cloud that was over my head. In closing I would recommend Kevin Bessant to anyone looking for a great defense attorney.
Thank you Attorney Bessant
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
September 4, 2014
I am a native Detroiter who moved out of state a few years ago and left behind a legal matter that turned into a warrant for my arrest. I thought that it would be in my best interest to hire an attorney in Michigan to handle my case. After retaining (2) different lawyers within (1) year of absolutely (0) results, I decided to sever my agreement with the second attorney and start all over again. After many calls and consultations, I found Kevin Bessant’s website and decided to contact him. From our initial conversation, I felt confident that he was quite knowledgeable of my type of case (unemployment benefits fraud) and knew exactly what steps to take to help me get it resolved. After retaining Attorney Bessant, he quickly got me a court date and arranged to have all of the court matters, such as the arraignment, pre-trial and sentencing to occur on the same day- which saved me the time and expense of traveling back to Detroit multiple times. Upon appearing in court and meeting him, I observed that he is very well-respected and “connected” in the courtroom. My case was satisfactorily resolved within 8 days of our initial conversation!!! I am so grateful to Mr. Bessant for being there for me at a time when I was literally in tears and in fear of entrusting another lawyer. His services are top-notch and he is a true professional and pleasure to work with. I sincerely and whole-heartedly give my highest recommendation of Attorney Bessant’s firm and legal services. He is simply the best!!