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Detroit Gun & Weapons Lawyer Kevin Bessant

Detroit Gun & Weapons Lawyer Kevin BessantThe Law Office Kevin Bessant & Associates knows that gun laws can be very strict at both the State and Federal level. Detroit Gun & Weapons Lawyer Kevin Bessant has had substantial success in defending those charged with various weapons offenses in Michigan. Penalties for CCW (carrying concealed weapon) and weapons convictions in Michigan are harsh, often including mandatory jail or prison time if convicted. Felony Firearm and Felon in Possession criminal charges carry additional penalties that can lead to a criminal conviction and prison.


If you have been investigated, arrested, or charged with a gun charge, weapons charge, or  CCW (Carrying concealed weapon) in Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, Livingston County, Monroe County, or Washtenaw County, call Kevin Bessant IMMEDIATELY! The worst thing you can do if facing a gun or weapons charge is to do nothing at all. Attorney’s at The Law Office of Kevin Bessant & Associates are here to help you with your defense and win your case!


Detroit Gun or Weapons Charges Lawyer Kevin Bessant Can Help You Avoid Jail


Call Kevin Bessant to Avoid Jail and a Weapons Convictions. Did you know that a weapons offense is also considered an assaultive offense that can lead to the loss of employment, loss of your right to possess or carry a handgun, and the loss of your freedom!! Do not risk your future or take chances against the prosecution without first calling or consulting the Law Office of Kevin Bessant & Associates first. Click Here To Call US NOW! 313-658-8159


Common Weapons Charges Include


Kevin Bessant has successfully defended several Possession of a Concealed Weapon offenses throughout the State of Michigan. This offense is commonly known as a “CCW”. In Michigan, it is unlawful to carry a firearm or other “dangerous weapon” without a valid license. Unfortunately, many otherwise law abiding citizens fall victim to this offense due to their lack of understanding of Michigan’s gun licensing laws or inability to obtain a permit to carry a pistol or firearm. A person convicted of a CCW offense can face up to five years in Prison!


Avoid Jail! Kevin Bessant understands that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Allow the Law Office of Kevin Bessant & Associates to defend you with his aggressive court-room litigation skills; ability to challenge the police and government prosecution; and his desire to fight for the dismissal of your case!


Kevin Bessant has the litigation experience you need to successfully defend your weapons charges. We understand that a large number of criminal offenses involve weapons charges that can seriously impact your freedom and future. We also understand the many of our clients have been wrongfully accused and targeted and rely on us to defend their rights and protect their freedom and livelihood in court.


Do not simply “plea bargain” your future away with a gun or weapons conviction. A weapons conviction can still be considered a “violent” crime or assault crime and can cause severe harm to your reputation, freedom and criminal record. Contact the Law Office of Kevin Bessant & Associates today to aggressively challenge the Police and Government Prosecution and defend your rights in court!