Expungement and Misdemeanor Info

Expungement of Misdemeanor

I called upon Mr Bessant to get some legal consultation because in my state of Virginia it appears that the attorneys are moreso concerned with charging a consultation fee and not even fulfilling the needs at hand. Nevertheless he was very informative and genuine in his answers and very informative by offering sites to look onto and etc.

The sad thing is if you plead guilty in Va you indeed arent able to get that expunged and whats really unfortunate is this affects so many people especially those people with first offenses that listen to their public defenders and or attorneys that dont indeed let individuals know what is at stake by pleading that way.

As of right now a charge that my cousin got is still haunting her 9 and a half years later. We just have been tested for OCS in the military seeing as we both graduated with honors from universities yet that one mistake has caused so many of her dreams to be deffered… Yet thanks so much Mr Bessant… We will get on getting her some strong references and also trying to go about getting a pardon or whatever it takes to help her succeed.. Be blessed