First time clients – So glad we hired Attorney Kevin Bessant

Having never been in trouble for anything my entire life, I was dumb founded to find myself in the crazy situation I was in.Having been locked up in jail for defending myself against my attackers, and have little to no faith in our “justice system & police”, I was in need of a good attorney to protect me in this situation. Because I was accused as being the aggressor in the situation against two people, I was charged criminally and was treated by the police like a criminal when I was the victim. Even being the innocent party in this situation the foreseeable outcome was not looking good with the charges I faced. It really opened my eyes to when the system thinks you are a criminal. The police and prosecutors will pursue you as such and only believe the story of the alleged “victims”, even when the story being told is one of lies. At that point I knew my life was on the line. Thankfully I had one of the best attorneys on my side. Attorney Kevin Bessant was able to get me the best outcome for my situation. I did not get any jail time, and I was able to keep my job along with maintaining my reputation. Even though this was a situation I should never have been put in, I am grateful that I had Attorney Kevin Bessant on my side. So if you are ever in need of a great Criminal Defense Attorney, he’s the one to call. He really works for you, because this “justice system” is designed to lock you up if you choose the wrong attorney.